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Premium Organic Honey.
Raw and Unfiltered.
Raised in the South.
Swarming Everywhere.

Why our
Honey Rocks

Because it's master minded and produced by world famous musicians, The Mauldin Brothers, as seen on stage in Nashville and television!

Their love and admiration for the protection and survival of the Honey Bee is unsurpassed by all. As true Honey Heads, their goal in life is to produce the best music, superior organic honeys, and to teach you more about bees and how to save them.

About Honey Heads

Our Story

About 5 years ago while on a family vacation, Douglas and Draper spotted a bee farm in the hills of Arkansas. As usual, they immediately stopped the truck and went out to meet the bee keeper. In just a few moments, they had become good friends with Michael, the bee keeper. They even cut a deal to buy a dozen of his hives.

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Premium Organic Honey

Honey Heads only offers rare limited quantity premium organic honeys.

Depending on the time of year, honey flow and location will determine the major source of nectar. Some of our varieties include winter honeysuckle, spring wildflowers, mimosa blossoms, kudzu flowers, and honey extracted from a vegetable garden.

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